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22 May Applied Behavioural Economics: The New Science of Understanding Investors

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22 May Applied Behavioural Economics: The New Science of Understanding Investors
22 May Applied Behavioural Economics: The New Science of Understanding Investors

The opportunities and risks facing investment firms and regulators continue to evolve. Consumer empowerment, regulatory change and emerging technology are disrupting the industry’s value proposition and service models. Fortuitously, behavioural economics and decision science have broken new ground, offering to professionalize how we understand clients and find suitable solutions for them, ushering in advice in the age of the consumer. 

This discussion will take you inside the foundations of behavioural economics since its birth in the 1950s, and will bring you to the frontier of the discipline, revealing the tools and methods that can shape how we understand what matters most to their clients – their goals, preferences and constraints. 

Led by Professor Shachar Kariv (recent chair of the Economics Department at UC Berkeley), he will challenge conventional thinking and address today’s foundational challenge - understanding the client. Kariv will cut thru the hype and narrow in on innovations that allow the next generation of financial services to measure, predict and manage client behaviour to create better outcomes and better financial products. 


Separate fact and fiction about behavioural economics 

Define and reach the highest standard of knowing the client 

Understand the fundamental trade-off decisions facing clients everyday 

Examine the theory and history that has led to today’s breakthroughs 

Examine Risk, Time and Social Preferences at a high level 

Dive Deep into Risk Preferences 

Dissect Risk Preferences into its component parts and be able to diagnose each 


Wednesday, 22nd of May 8:00am — 8:30am 

Arrival and Breakfast 8:30am — 10:00am 

Presentation and Discussion Led by Shachar Kariv, Benjamin N. Ward Professor of Economics 

Where - New location due to high demand 

ANZ Singapore, 10 Collyer Quay, #30-00 Ocean, Financial Centre, Singapore 049315

Note: Please bring photo ID for check-in 

RSVP by 20th of May to

About Shachar 

Shachar Kariv is a global innovator and former Chairman of the acclaimed Economics Department at the University of California Berkeley. As Chief Scientist of Capital Preferences, his research and inventions are among the most acclaimed in the field and helping thousands reach a deeper and more accurate understanding of their clients. 

Special Event — Executive Roundtable 

Applied Behavioural Economics: The New Science of Understanding Investors 

Exploring the Intersection of Technology and Behaviour

Brought to you by: 

Professor Shachar Kariv

Former Chair of the Economics Department at UC Berkeley Chief Scientist, Capital Preferences: 2019 IMAS Accelerator Winner and 2017 MAS Accelerator Member