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RM-centric Compliance Trainings Are Leading The Way

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RM-centric Compliance Trainings Are Leading The Way
RM-centric Compliance Trainings Are Leading The Way

Union Bancaire Privée, one of the largest private banks in Switzerland, engaged Singapore Consultancy to tap into our expertise of senior practitioners to reimagine the way relationship managers are trained in AML questions. Singapore Consultancy partnered with established training provider Hubbis and together we delivered an IBF accredited AML Advanced Certification program that successfully launched this July.


Ranjit Khanna, Singapore CEO and South Asia Private Banking Head at UBP: “The wealth management industry in Singapore has come a long way in raising AML standards and awareness. But collectively, as an industry we must recognise that this is a journey and not a one off destination. We have to continuously keep challenging the status quo and raise the bar.”


Michael Stanhope, Founder & CEO at Hubbis: “We have been a market leader in online training for quite some time but working with Singapore Consultancy was exciting as it challenged us and our views on training. Our core domain is online training and one of our core beliefs is that using economies of scale allows us to deliver at competitive pricing. This project was new and the task was to maximize the value for the relationship manager. We shadowed one of the full day training sessions and we are very impressed with the outcome.”


Stefan Kuhn, Singapore Consultancy’s project lead with over 20 years of experience, took on the project to make a difference: “When we met with Ranjit, I asked for a sandbox approach: Forget about everything and let’s not design a training that looks like a training for a Compliance Officer. Let’s re-engineer everything from scratch and let’s design something that’s relevant and provides lots of guidance for the ones who matter the most in fighting money laundering - front line staff.”


UBP’s Relationship Managers who completed the Advanced AML Certification in July saw a difference. Jared Zeng, EAM Account Manager at UBP: “Usually, Compliance trainings are kind of dry. I liked the workshop a lot. I felt the cases studies were relevant and something likely to appear in my daily business. This was a training for someone working in Singapore and working with Private Banking clients. I can recommend this Advanced AML certification.”


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