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Will Crypto Become Another Payment Method?

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Will Crypto Become Another Payment Method?
Will Crypto Become Another Payment Method?

Bitcoin, crypto, stablecoins. Chew Lik Chang, Financial Services Sector Lead and Advisor at NCS and Group Senior Advisor at Singapore Consultancy, has a look at recent developments and highlights areas to watch.

Singapore Consultancy Pte Ltd was established in 2016 and operates like a social enterprise.  Our mission is to deploy former senior industry practitioners (mostly C-suite executives) from the finance industry to consulting projects across Asia. We currently have over 50 advisors in Singapore and Hongkong.  

We provide various services to banks, insurance companies, asset management companies, sovereign funds and FinTech companies in different specialisations ie. Wealth Management, Sales Advisory, Client Insights and Research, Treasury, Product Design, Robo Advisory, Digital Banking, Operations & Technology, Risk, Legal and Compliance. 

Crypto as payment